Through CSI Norway we have extensive experience from the development of modular kitchens, and have earned a unique expertise from Norway’s largest event and conference market. Smart and efficient logistics solutions are crucial for success. Our facility manager ensures that the container kitchens are mounted and dismantled in a professional manner. We have unique experience and expertise through 20 years, both nationally and internationally.

Speedkitchen is a kitchen concept where you can hire a professional kitchen for temporary needs.

This is a concept where the kitchen comes by car, get’s lifted into place, mounted and ready for use. Our kitchen is furnished with stainless steel from floor to ceiling, with good internal logistics that meets the hygiene requirements.

Are you planning to renovate a large kitchen, or do you just need a kitchen for a festival, we have multiple solutions for you.

Do you need other types of kitchen modules?

See CSI’s website that produces our kitchen modules.