1. 2X6 GN combi steamer
  2. Remove cooktop, 4 gas flask
  3. Electric cooktop, 2 plates
  4. Hot water
  5. Dishwasher, under bench
  6. Stainless workbenches and wall cabinets
  7. Handwash
  8. AC / Ventilation mounted on the wall
  9. Cooling bench with 3 x 4 GN
  • Fire extinguisher and flush hose

Event Kitchen

A portable kitchen for festivals, events, pop-up restaurants, filming and for shorter or longer periods of time during specific events where you need a kitchen.

For festivals and events, our event kitchen can be an excellent oppurtunity for sponsors and partners to make a good reputation for the audience. We offer ready made profiling packages that make you feel great during any kind of event.

The kitchen has capacity for up to 200 people, depending on the menu.

Technical specifications

The event kitchen is a standard 1 container, a standard ISO that arrives with a car and is lifted in place.

The kitchen only needs to be connected to electricity and water before use. Aggregate is mounted on the wall.

Substrate: Must be a flat area, asphalt, paving stone, punch or batten.

Electricity – 63 Amp. 3 X 400 Volt.

Drain: 3/4″ water connection, and a 50mm drain.

Contact us for questions and pricing

Watch how NRK used our kitchen during the "Sommertoget" event