1. 1X20 GN combi steamer
  2. 2X6 GN combi steamer
  3. Cooling bench with 3X4 GN
  4. Frying pan
  5. Hob
  6. Cooker 80 liters
  7. Stainless workbenches and wall cabinets
  8. Handwash
  9. Fan, dishwasher
  • Fire extinguisher and flush hose
  • Ventilation unit (mounted)

Project Kitchen

Are you planning to renovate a cantine, hotel kitchen or something similar, and want to avoid a turnover during the renovation? We have the solution!

The kitchen is suitable for food production for up to 500 people with regular dining, much more if you want a buffet or simpler dishes.

We have rented our kitchens to hotels, canteens, prisons and public rehabilitation hospitals.

Technical specifications

A project kitchen is based on 2 ISO containers assembled into a kitchen of 30 m2.

Substrate: Must be a flat area, like asphalt, paving stone, punch or batten.

Electricity: – 63 Amp. 3 X 400 Volt.

Drain: 3/4″ water connection, and a 50mm drain.

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